Monday, April 13, 2009 {etsy shop feature: emedemarta}

for my birthday present this year, i received exactly what i wanted: the Bambi necklace..and the sweet packaging that it came in was so great that i feel like i need to share my experience!

here is a picture of everything that came from barcelona. isn't it all so tasteful and pretty?
the amount of love, care, and attention to detail that the artist put into both the necklace and the packaging is wonderful- it even included a personalized note to my fiance!
and of course a close up of the beautiful necklace..

thank you, marta! we were impressed by every single aspect of the purchase -

to visit marta's etsy shop, click here. to view more pictures, click here.


  1. very lovely, and I love the sweet little additions, as well as the hand writen note to Ray. So Sweet!!

  2. Such a lovely presetn and she toook such such care packaging the treat for you! :)

  3. ohh...
    what a sweet post!

    having such a wonderful costumers deserves all the tenderness and love i put into each package, and i couldn't have asked for a lovelier ones! thank you soooo much for your sweet support, it lighted up my day ,)

    big hugs from barcelona!