Saturday, March 28, 2009

the child in me {shinzi katoh design}

i first spied shinzi katoh products while perusing the shops along Queen W. and was ecstatic when a friend sent me a link to their online shop filled with adorable tapes, fabrics, soup mugs, stationery, calendars, et cetera!

the little kid in me squeals "i want this one, and that one, ooh- and that!"

also, check out this amazing short film by Kirsten Lepore. click the image below for 10 minutes of eye candy and whimsy:


  1. So Sweet Soo!! I love the water bottle!

  2. That is so amazing and soooooooooooooooo cute lol. I just want to snaffle them all up now but I'm currently in debt and do NOT need any additions to this haha

    Hope you have a wicked Easter Mon doll! :)

    xx Eeli

  3. Eeli: Same here! They're adorable but at their prices, I can only admire them from afar. Hope you're having a good one too-