Friday, April 17, 2009

Home, home on the range....

I was browsing around this evening, looking here, and there, and came across this life size dollhouse that I remember being completely taken with a few months ago.  The house is an art installation by artist Heather Benning.  It was abandoned in the 1960's and now again has all the furnishings of a 60's inspired home.  The house is right on the border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba, just about an hour from where I grew up.  How incredible would it be to be driving down a lone highway, surrounded by golden fields, the sky starting to fall at dusk and suddenly, there there was an old farmhouse, it's rooms exposed, right in the middle of nowhere.  Read more about it here!


  1. this is so great! if i were to ever go on a road trip through these provinces i would definitely check it out! can people enter the farmhouse?

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  3. Whoa! How cool and eerie. Also, love your necklace in the below post!